What is GPS and how does it work?

Technology has changed a lot in today’s time, so you must know about What is GPS? and GPS Work. GPS is one such feature in the smartphone, which every person has to use at some point of time.

Why don’t we go to any place on earth? With the help of GPS, our location can be traced very easily. In this article you are going to get all the information related to it, including what is GPS system, how it works and Gps  Full Form and many more information is included in this article. So let’s know in detail the complete information related to GPS Meaning –

What is GPS What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation satellite system. This satellite works on a network of satellites. GPS was created by the United States Department of Defense. In the beginning it didn’t work at all. But it was started fully on 26 April 1959. Initially, the GPS system was started only for the military. But in the year 1980, it was started for common citizens also.

GPS is a Space-Based Satellite Navigation System system, which provides weather conditions and time information. It is made up of a network of 24 satellites, which are placed in Earth orbit by the US Department of Defense. Its most important thing is that GPS works everywhere in the whole world. And it can be used in any weather and condition. No citizen has to pay any fee to use GPS, it is completely free network.

What is the full form of GPS GPS Full Form

The full name of GPS is GPS – Global Positioning System. And the Full Form of GPS is Global Location System. It is made up of three sections, Space, User, and Control. It is used for navigation and timing information.

How does GPS work?

The GPS system works with the help of 24 satellites. All these satellites are present in space at a distance of 12,000 miles from the surface of the earth. All these satellites revolve around the earth in one twelve hours, their speed is very fast. All the satellites are spread out in space in such a way that it covers the earth completely.

The GPS system works on three standard segmentation systems, in which Space Segment, Control Segment, and User Segment are all connected by satellite. Whenever we search a location, first satellite signal comes to the earth, after that this signal is received by the receiver, the receiver also measures the distance and time of these signals. After all these segments, the information you have searched with the help of GPS comes to you. This is how GPS works.

History of GPS History of GPS

You have come to know about GPS, but do you know what is the history of GPS. Before GPS, the LORAN and Deca navigators were made in the 1940s, which have been used in World War II. GPS was created when the Soviet Union first launched Sputnik in 1957. A question related to GPS also remains, who invented GPS? GPS was invented by a team of American scientists who were monitoring radio radio transmissions of Sputnik.

Basic structure of GPS Segments

GPS works on three segments, which are as follows –

  1. Space Segment

GPS satellites revolve around the Earth at an altitude of about twenty thousand kilometers above the Earth’s surface. This is a total of 24 satellites in space, which are in a group of six orbits. There are four GPS satellites in one orbit.

  1. Control Segment

Under the control segment, all satellites orbit are monitored, to find out if there are any problems with the satellites from orbit in space. Are all GPS operating within the timing level?

  1. User Segment

The user segment is also called GPS receiver, their function is to receive the signal sent by satellites.

Use of GPS

GPS is commonly used for five uses. Which is as follows –

  • Location – To find out the location or position of a place.
  • Navigation – To reach or take from one place to another.
  • Tracking – Keeping an eye on any Vastu or Personal Movement.
  • Mapping – Making maps of the world.
  • Timing – Finding out the exact time.

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Frequently asked questions about GPS

Who invented GPS?

GPS was invented by Ivan A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson, and Roger L. Easton.

What is the purpose of GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) was created to provide accurate position information of Army personnel. But now it is also used for civilians. Apart from this, it is also used for precise timing.

How accurate does GPS show location on a smartphone?

If you’re in an open space, it’s about 16 feet to see the exact location. But if you are in a place where there are big buildings, trees and bridges. At such a place the accuracy of GPS deteriorates.

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